SwiftDetect is a rapid detection test, which can be used to detect crop disease such as Septoria in wheat from just a small sample of leaves.

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The problem

Preventing and treating crop disease such as Septoria usually involves the use of expensive and environmentally damaging fungicides, and when disease is present, it can be difficult to detect until there is visible evidence. By this stage, there could be losses in yield of up to 50% and damage to remaining crops. Additionally, overuse of fungicides to prevent this could result in resistance.

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How SwiftDetect can help

SwiftDetect will help you to achieve more accurate information on the level of disease in your crops, which will help support decision making and improve efficiency and effectiveness of spray applications. In turn, this will help overcome issues such as overuse of fungicides yet result in the same quality of crop.

Rapid turnaround

Get actionable insight on the level of disease in your crop, guaranteed within 1 business day*.


SwiftDetect is super sensitive, so can detect wheat disease well before it becomes visible on the leaf. This allows you to take proactive action.


All you need to do is collect a sample and post it to us in an envelope; we will handle the rest.

Better targeting

Swift Detect allows you to match the fungicide and dose rate to the level of disease in your crop at T1 & T2.

Reduced environmental impact

By giving you clear insight on level of disease in your crop, you will be able to use fungicide more efficiently and effectively, helping the environment and reducing waste.


SwiftDetect not only helps you make savings by spending less on fungicide for the same yield, but being a single cost test, SwiftDetect is cost-effective in itself!

Gain insight

SwiftDetect allows you to see how disease is progressing in your crops over time giving a deeper level of insight. In addition, we can find the average level of disease in multiple leaves, providing you with a more representative result than if a single leaf was tested.

4-in-1 test

SwiftDetect is currently able to detect Septoria, and is under development to soon be able to also detect yellow rust, brown rust and mildew from just one sample.

How SwiftDetect works

1. Order your test

Order your test from our online store.

2. Collect your sample

Collect a sample of 10 leaves and post them to us. To ensure your leaf samples are as representative as possible, walk in a ‘W’ pattern across your field and collect 10 leaves for testing. Keep the leaves dry, using kitchen towel if possible.

3. Wait 1 business day*

Let us put SwiftDetect to work! Your results will be emailed to you.

Get in touch!

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* Results issued on day of receipt if sample received before 9am. Excludes weekends.