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Paperless QC sample
tracking and reporting

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  • Paperless QC sample tracking
  • Simple, intuitive trend analysis
  • Smart checks for sample photos
  • Support (response on next UK business day)


Smart data integrity checks
and advanced reporting

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  • Includes everything in the Compliance tier
  • Automated monthly reports
  • Contextual reporting tools
  • Quality risk profiling
  • Incident management
  • AI to check read accuracy
  • KPI scorecard
  • Support (response within 24 hours)

Enterprise Coming soon

Enhanced productivity and
quality risk management

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  • Includes everything in the Insight tier
  • Multi-site support
  • One-click audit preparation
  • SmartControl API
  • SAML authentication

Optional Extras

  • Importing of historical data
  • Track from the point of exposure
  • Automatic plate reading
  • Outsourced plate reading
  • AI growth identification suggestions
  • On-premises consulting
  • Third-party integrations

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