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The future is a paper-free lab

SmartControl is the digital solution your lab needs to track your microbiological samples without paper and Excel spreadsheets. Simply photograph your plates for seamless integration into the system.

Easy to get started and easy to use software

SmartControl takes the frustration out of data entry and review, with its intuitive interface and easy reporting features, our software takes the pain out of capturing your data.

We have safety and regulation covered

Your data is stored safely in our secure SmartControl cloud and. SmartControl maintains compliance with GMP Annex 11, so you can be confident of staying ahead of future regulatory requirements.

Subscription-based pricing

No waiting for delivery of the latest version or paying for costly upgrades. No maintenance costs either. A SmartControl subscription includes access to all new features, as soon as they launch with no upfront fees.

The future is AI

SmartControl takes reporting and monitoring to the next level, with advanced data analytics employing artificial intelligence to spot trends and learning to identify issues before they arise.