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Revolutionising the way you capture environmental monitoring data

SmartControl is a smart new way for you to capture, manage, and track all your microbiological monitoring data, providing real-time analysis from anywhere.

SmartControl home screen

Intuitive interface

An intelligent dashboard overview with real-time updates allowing you to manage your operations with no paper reporting necessary.

Booking in samples screen

Easy input and review

Twenty seconds is all it takes to input one environmental sample, making data entry a more time efficient task. All your previous entries, even across multiple sites, at your fingertips, it has never been simpler to manage, review and report trends from across multiple streams.

Reading samples screen

Seamless image capture of every plate

Link a high-resolution image of every plate to its corresponding data via our smart barcode system. Providing effortless review and tracking, with comprehensive data trails and visible accountability at every step.

Analysis screen

Advanced analytics and monitoring

SmartControl utilises machine learning to automatically detect and analyse relationships in your data. As well as monitoring relationships and dependencies throughout your process, making it easier to optimise your workflow.