Capture data about your environmental monitoring samples in a flash. Track in real-time from anywhere, and build a future-proof environmental monitoring record.


The pharmaceutical industry produces large amounts of environmental monitoring data on a daily basis. It is a regulatory requirement that this data be trended and monitored for changes.

In order to track their microbiological samples, many laboratories utilise paper systems and Excel spreadsheets, which is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Online systems do exist but cost upwards from £100,000 to purchase, which is beyond the budgetary scope of smaller pharmaceutical units.
Non-viable environmental monitoring data must also be collected, for which many facilities use multiple software systems, producing multiple reports and alerts. There is no one system collating that information, meaning that companies waste time validating and managing access to multiple software systems.

Our solution: SmartControl

A technologically advanced hub for all your environmental monitoring requirements SmartControl simplifies the capture, management, and tracking of monitoring data, providing real-time data analysis from any location.

Easy Input & Review

A delightful user experience

  • With all your environmental monitoring data at your fingertips, it has never been easier to manage, review and report trends from across multiple streams.
  • Designed for users, SmartControl has a modern look and feel that reflects its advanced functionality.

Intuitive interface

  • An intelligent dashboard overview with real-time updates allows you to manage your operations with no paper reporting necessary.

Seamless image capture of every plate

  • Link a high-resolution image of every plate to its corresponding data via our smart barcode system.
  • Effortless review and tracking, with comprehensive data trails and visible accountability at every step.

Enhanced and Integrated Intelligence

Advanced analytics

  • SmartControl utilises machine learning to automatically detect and analyse relationships in your data.
  • Smart tracking monitors relationships and dependencies throughout your process, making it easier to optimise your workflow.

Proactive alerting to step changes

  • Pre-empt and resolve issues before they arise, with incident prediction driven by our machine learning algorithms.

Optimised analysis through combining multiple data streams

    • Seamless integration of SmartControl modules allows comprehensive analysis across physical monitoring data, sterility assessments, reagent records, operator logs and more.

Secure & Future Proof

Regulatory compliance

  • Stay ahead of regulatory requirements: SmartControl manages, records and reports on all your  environmental monitoring data.

Secure, encrypted data

  • Secure data storage in out SmartControl cloud enables multi-site system access.
  • Stay in control of your data, with customisable permissions for unique user profiles.

Risk-based validation approach for easy adoption of new features

  • No waiting for delivery of the latest version, or paying for costly upgrades. A SmartControl subscription includes access to all new features, as soon as they launch.
  • New features undergo rigorous validation implementation, so you can take advantage of all the latest tools with confidence.


SmartControl used on a laptop

Microbiological samples can be recorded and tracked using Microgenetics SmartControl