Watch our FREE webinar on how to get more out of your environmental monitoring data

21 September 2020

To get an accurate picture of what is going on in your cleanroom, the process of environmental monitoring relies on the collection of large amounts of data; you lay out settle plates, place contact plates, conduct finger dabs and take air samples. This process only becomes more sophisticated as time goes by. Of course, you then need to collect data about this data, also known as metadata: who collected the data, at what time, temperature of the cleanroom, air pressure – to name just a few. All of this information is then stored in your database, perhaps an Excel spreadsheet.

But then comes the part you dread; how to draw useful insights from this abundance of information? You don’t know where to begin, your database is so vast it’s dizzying. You are drowning in your data.

If this sounds familiar, then click here now to watch a recording of our recent webinar on how you can get more out of your environmental monitoring data. Lasting just 45 minutes, Andrew Davies, Microgenetics Managing Director, will take you through a framework we use here at Microgenetics to help draw out useful insight, so you can make sure that you really know what is going on in your cleanroom.