Microgenetics is a microbiological services business established in 2014, specialising in producing innovative and rapid test methods across the pharmaceutical and veterinary sectors. Find us at the recently developed Corsham Science Park in Wiltshire.

Photo of a building at Corsham Science Park
Microgenetics HQ, Corsham Science Park

We were established due to a need to produce a rapid sterility test method capable of detecting very low-level contamination in large volume samples. Current sterility testing methods take up to seven days to produce a result, with some pharmaceutical products being administered to patients while sterility testing is still ongoing. Unfortunately, in 2014, this resulted in the tragic loss of life of some very young children. In response to this, we have developed a test which can provide businesses with a reliable and accurate result in under six hours.

Our products are designed to encourage businesses to move away from traditional microbiological testing methods, and to provide a rapid, reliable and accurate test result. Our products currently include a rapid contamination detection test and a software service to track viable and non-viable environmental monitoring data.


  • June 2014 We asked the question ‘Can things be done differently regarding traditional sterility testing methods?’ Then, we commenced research collaboration with Dr Ruth Massey, who was at the time a lecturer at the University of Bath. Dr Maisem Laabei also joined the team as an academic researcher.
  • December 2014 We realised that the solution could be useful to industry. Incorporated Microgenetics.
  • May 2015 Dr Leann Bacon joined the team as an academic researcher.
  • 2016 We established an idea for environmental monitoring software in response to data integrity requirement changes.
  • December 2016 We showed that we could detect low-level contamination with our SwiftDetect test.
  • 2017 We continued to refine SwiftDetect test to increase the speed of result turnaround time.
  • May 2017 We launched temperature and pressure environmental monitoring software.
  • July 2017 Our research team moved from the University of Bath to the University of Bristol.
  • December 2017 Tammy Hassel appointed Director of Microgenetics.
  • January 2018 We commenced validation of SwiftDetect test.

The Team

To develop and further progress this technology we established a research collaboration with the University of Bristol, led by leading academic Dr Ruth Massey. We aim to ultimately supply this technology to both public and private sector businesses.

  • Photo of Chris Watt

    Chris Watt MBA MIoD CMRS
    CEO and shareholder

    Chris is CEO of the board at a holding company. The board has lead the rapid growth of Bath ASU from university aseptic unit with 14 staff and a turnover of under £500,000 per annum to a medium-sized enterprise employing circa 200 employees with annual turnover more than £100 million. Bath ASU has recently been recognised as the fastest growing privately owned pharmaceutical company in the UK. Pharmaxo was launched in May 2010 as a service coming out of Bath ASU and continues to enjoy rapid growth. In addition to these two companies, Chris also runs a successful market research consultancy and IT development firm, Cognisant Research and he is part owner of Event Store, an open source functional database with customers such as The World Bank, JustGiving and CERN.

  • Photo of Tammy Hassel

    Tammy Hassel BSc MBA MRSB MIoD

    Tammy is a trained Microbiologist and MBA with more than 11 years industry experience. Tammy has been working for QPHL within the Bath ASU Quality Assurance department for 5 and half years. Before this, Tammy worked at Patheon UK Ltd, a contract pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and before that at one of the UK’s leading food microbiology laboratories, Leatherhead Food International. Tammy’s experience and understanding of the industry’s needs and regulatory requirements put her in a unique position to influence potential customers.

  • Photo of Andrew Davies

    Andrew Davies
    Head of Operations

    Andrew is responsible for product development, delivery, and support at Microgenetics. Before joining us, he was a Senior Consultant at operations consultancy Newton, leading projects in a range of sectors from healthcare to defence. Andrew received a MEng in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, where his research focused on machine learning and computer vision.

  • Photo of Ashley Otter

    Ashley Otter
    Product Research Scientist

    Ashley is involved in the design and development of Microgenetics products. He graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in microbiology before specialising in molecular bacteriology for his PhD at Royal Veterinary College (University of London), where his research focused on transcriptional regulators of M. tuberculosis. He has experience in a wide range of microbiology laboratories from industry to academia, with skills including working at containment level 3, assay development and molecular microbiology.

  • Photo of Ruth Massey

    Ruth Massey
    Academic Supervisor

    Ruth’s career began with her gaining a PhD at Trinity College Dublin. From there, she moved into roles at the Universities of Oxford and Bath. She is considered an expert in all aspects related to bacteria, in particular, Staphylococcus aureus and has over 25 publications to her name. At the University of Bristol, Ruth is expanding her work in both clinical and veterinary settings where the development of novel therapeutics and innovative techniques is the primary focus. Ruth brings invaluable microbiological expertise to the team.

  • Photo of Leann Bacon

    Leann Bacon
    Academic Researcher

    Leann is a molecular biologist who graduated with a PhD from the University of Bristol in 2009. Following her PhD, she worked at GSK genetically engineering biopharms and cell lines. In 2013 Leann returned to academia at the University of Bath where she molecularly modified bacteria for biofuel production. Leann now works at the University of Bristol where she is continuing to expand her experience in molecular biology.

  • Photo of Stuart Kotchie

    Stuart Kotchie
    Programme Manager

    Stuart brings valuable programme and project management experience from his diverse career. He has spent time in the television and radio production industry, the Environment Agency, and most recently as a director of a programme management consultancy business.

  • Photo of Daniel Warren

    Daniel Warren
    Product Manager

    Daniel has 15 years experience in building, managing and delivering data management products across a range of industries.

  • Photo of Dan Leech

    Dan Leech
    Product Designer

    Dan has more than ten years experience in scientific user-centred design, working in the defence and healthcare sectors.

  • Photo of Jess Robson

    Jessica Robson
    Marketing Manager

    Jess has a CIM postgraduate diploma from the Cambridge Marketing College and has over eight years of experience in Sales and Marketing.