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People working in the office

What we will offer you

Here at Microgenetics we value our employees and aim to create a warm and friendly working environment so that every member of the team feels excited about coming to work each day. One key difference between Microgenetics and other companies is that if you work for us you will not only be a part of a rapidly growing biotech start-up, but you will be working within a company that values the contribution and ideas of every employee.

Microgenetics branded coffee mug

Added extras

Because our team is at the heart of our company, we like to reward them for their contributions to our company’s mission, therefore every employee is offered a competitive salary. Working alongside our parent company Qualasept Pharmaxo Holdings Limited (QPHL), the UK’s fastest growing pharmaceutical company, means that we at Microgenetics share in many of their non-contractual benefits. For example, free breakfast, fruit and hot drinks are provided daily, along with a subsidised coffee machine and the use of our site’s outdoor gym.


Benefits for you and your family

Microgenetics believes that all employees should be rewarded not just for their successes and contributions, but also for their loyalty of service. Therefore, we offer all employees increasing holiday entitlement with increasing length of service. We also understand that family is important, and so we have a number of benefits that will help you achieve a greater work-life balance, including parental leave, and life assurance entitlement.

Woman sitting, looking at a trail leading into the distance

Your journey

Our mission at Microgenetics is to revolutionise microbiology and help humanity win the war against pathogens, and we recognise that as a part of our company, all of our employees will have their own goals and ambitions that they would like to achieve during their time with us. Therefore, we encourage all employees to share their personal goals with us, so we can do our best to help them realise those goals.